November 15-30, 2005 Edition

ABC’s ‘Lost’

To Turn Fictional

Novel to Reality

NEW YORK, NY/11/03/2005­A new real-life novel will be born out of a new storyline in ABC’s super-hit thriller, “Lost.” The unique promotion, which blurs the line between reality and TV entertainment, will have one of the show’s characters, Gary Troup, deliver a fictitious manuscript to Hyperion Books (the real-life publisher and sister company to ABC), shortly before he perishes in a plane crash that leaves survivors marooned on a strange island. Hyperion will then publish the real book this spring.

The imaginary TV manuscript, called Bad Twin, will become a real one and will be promoted as the work of the character, Gary Troup. A well-known mystery writer will adapt the fictitious work to an actual book, but will remain anonymous. The manuscript is about a private eye and a wealthy heir’s search for his evil twin.

Variety, which first reported the deal, said the book promotion may be the first to turn imaginary television events and characters into a real marketing effort. Fans of the show are expected to buy the book not only for reading pleasure, but also for clues to the TV series.

ABC, Hyperion Books, and the production studio Touchstone Television are all owned by Walt Disney Co. “Lost” ranks fourth among most-watched shows on U.S. television.