What was your favorite thing that you wrote last year? Have a new book out?
It’s time to submit your best work to the ASJA annual writing awards!
The 2021 ASJA Writing Awards are open for entries, now through 9 p.m. on Monday, February 1. Sort through your stories, essays, blog posts, books and content published last year. Pick out the ones that make you most proud – then consult the list of writing award categories for the best fit. Fill out the entry form, and, done!
The organization has three exciting changes this year.
  • First, they are managing the awards program through Submittable, an easy-to-use portal that will streamline entering and judging.
  • Second, they are announcing four new awards. One honors articles or essays covering social change and people taking action against a wrong. Three are for the content providers among us and include business-to-business blog or article, business-to-consumer blog or article, and long-form content.
  • Third, they are opening all of the awards except the June Roth to non-member freelancers, giving the ASJA an opportunity to introduce all that the organization has to offer to a wider audience.
The Awards rules are here. Descriptions of the awards categories are here. When you’re ready to enter, click here.
PS: Join now to enter the awards competition at the lower member rate!
“As always, we’re looking forward to reading your excellent work,” says Janine Latus, Chair, ASJA Awards Committee. “May the best writing win!”