Ronald Reagan, Our 40th President
Ronald Reagan: Our 40th President

(Regnery Publishing, March 2012)



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bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize finalist Winston Groom
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Winston Groom
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Legendary storyteller Winston Groom, bestselling author of Forrest Gump, departs from eight novels to write a definitive biography of Ronald Reagan, specifically for young adult readers from age 14 and up.

Groom grabs the interest of young readers by beginning with stories of Reagan's accomplishments in various school sports–a popular topic for many young Americans. He goes on to outline Reagan's inspirational career as he moves from "Dutch," to Hollywood actor, to California governor, all the way up to President of the United States.

Ronald Reagan: Our 40th President highlights the experiences that helped shape Reagan's political beliefs as he evolved from a Democrat to a committed Republican. The book reveals the personal traits, still held in high regard today, which set Reagan apart from other presidents–including Reagan's sense of humor, strength of character and unique insight into people.

In Ronald Reagan: Our 40th President, Groom covers how Reagan overcame many of the same obstacles facing young adults today, including dealing with parents who were unable to provide financial assistance, and finding a job in a tough economic environment.

In the book, Groom illustrates how attributes such as hard work, dedication, and integrity enable all young Americans to achieve their goals.

Groom also talks about his own career and his views on publishing in today's tough marketplace.


Winston Groom is the author of sixteen previous books, including Forrest Gump, Kearny’s March, Shrouds of Glory, Vicksburg: 1863, and Conversations with the Enemy, a Pulitzer Prize finalist. He lives with his wife and daughter in Point Clear, Alabama.

–Doris Booth