Nick Dybek, debut author of When Captain Flint Was a Good Man
When Captain Flint
Was Still a Good Man

(Riverhead Books/Penguin,

April 2012)

Debut Novelist Nick Dybek (Photo Credit Melissa Blackall)
Debut Novelist
Nick Dybek



Debut Novelist Nick Dybek Explores
Forces That Make a Good Man Go Bad

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Nick Dybek

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From young and talented Nick Dybek comes a stunning and suspenseful debut novel, WHEN CAPTAIN FLINT WAS STILL A GOOD MAN. The story, set in a desolate fishing village in the Pacific Northwest, centers on a teenaged boy who loved hearing his father– a deep sea fisherman–invent stories about Treasure Island's Captain Flint, before Flint became a murderous pirate captain.

The story is a soulful drama of loyalty to family and the forces that make a good man go bad.

Dybek is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where he received a Hopwood Award for Short Fiction, and the Iowa Writer's Workshop Maytag Fellowship and Mitchener-Copernicus Award.

Already this young author is receiving accolades for his work. Booklist gave him a starred review and Library Journal cites his expert writing and "otherworldly quality."

As Nick explains to Authorlink, success has taken "a lot of work" and dedication. He worked on his first draft for three years, and the editing process took another two years with the help of his agent and publisher. Here, Nick provides insight into his own writing process, and discusses the importance of intertwining the plot level with the emotional level of the book, and of writing what you love to read.

The author now lives in New York.

–Doris Booth