The past few years have been difficult ones for the whole of the traditional publishing industry, but we strongly believe in signs of creative revival. As many people tire of Facebook and Twitter and messy politics and fake news, they are turning to the search for deeper meaning.

Storytelling is the way to touch the core of humanity. For all of you who write, keep telling your stories, improving your craft and seeking traditional publishers. We at Athorlink are here to help guide and encourage you.  And if you decide self-publishing is your path, you’ll find us there too, offering ideas and support.

Likewise, if you are reading, we will continue striving to bring you in-depth looks at good books and intimate interviews with the writers behind them.  

 Please send your thoughts and ideas to me at Catch me on Twitter and Facebook, or on as I answer questions about writing.

We at wish you an amazing, creative year. 

Happy 2019!

Doris Booth