An exclusive Authorlink AUDIO interview with New York Times bestselling author
Leonard Maltin, on his latest work, Leonard Maltin's 2011 Movie Guide
(Plume/Penguin USA)
August 2010 Edition

Leonard Maltin's 2011 Movie Guide
Leonard Maltin's
2011 Movie Guide

ISBN (trade paperback):

“I recommend Leonard Maltin’s guide, which has become standard.”
—Roger Ebert’s Video Companion

”The single most important reference book in every home.”–Esquire




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What makes one movie great and another a bomb? Leonard Maltin, one of the country’s leading authorities on movies and moviemaking, and respected film historians, gives Authorlink writers and readers some industry insights and talks about the latest edition of his “indispensable” (New York Post) movie guide. Plus, what does it take for a writer to break into the movie business today?

LEONARD MALTIN’S 2011 MOVIE GUIDE (A Plume original / August 2010 / 978-0-452-29626-8 / $20) is the fully updated guide with over 17,000 reviews—including over 300 new entries—and remains the most complete and reliable movie resource guide there is. In addition, the 2011 GUIDE includes Leonard’s personal recommendations, ratings, and lists of movies “too good too miss”.

Leonard Maltin is a film critic and historian. He appears regularly on Entertainment Tonight, introduces movies on DirecTV’s “Maltin Minutes” and hosts Secret’s Out on ReelzChannel. He also teaches at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. He and his wife Alice are the proud parents of Jessie, who helps her father interpret matters of pop culture that are beyond his ability to understand!

–Doris Booth

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