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An Authorlink Exclusive Audio Interview with Raymond Benson
Author of Operation Barracuda

December 15/2005

—Raymond Benson has written for some of the best-known franchises in contemporary literature. He is the fourth official author of the James Bond 007 novels. And now his second book—written under the name David Michaels for Tom Clancy—has just been released by Berkley Books/Penguin Putnam. It's titled Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell—Operation Barracuda. Raymond's first Clancy Splinter Cell book rose to #5 on The New York Times Bestseller List, and Operation Barracuda rose to #9 only two weeks after release. He also has another book coming out under his own name in February 2006, titled Sweetie's Diamonds (Five Star Publishing).


In this exclusive Authorlink audio interview, Raymond talks about why he writes under the pen name, reveals who really comes up with the ideas for the Clancy books, and explains how he got the writing assignment.




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