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Elizabeth talks with Authorlink

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about her newest book.

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An AUDIO interview with novelist Elizabeth Dewberry
On her latest novel, His Lovely Wife (Harcourt/ March 2006)

April 2006

Heroine Ellen Baxter is beautiful and married to a famous man, but society dismisses her as no more than an attractive arm-piece. Princess Diana, the ultimate Lovely Wife, struggled with her public image as Princess of Wales for her entire life. These are the themes that novelist Elizabeth Dewberry—herself married to Pulitzer Prize-winning author Robert Olen Butler—explores in her newest book, His Lovely Wife.

Against the backdrop of Princess Diana's death, the book follows one woman's quest to understand herself by understanding Diana and her own reaction to Diana's death. The novel also explores some of the issues that were important to Diana—and are still important to the author—such as the relationships between beauty, marriage, love, spirituality, and identity.

In this exclusive Authorlink interview, Elizabeth Dewberry talks about the struggles of being a writer and of exploring "all the scary places inside" and maintaining the courage to write. She also gives writers a way to measure their success, whether published or unpublished.



  —Doris Booth








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