Hogan and Del Toro Reinvent
the Vampire Genre: Final Book in Trilogy

An exclusive Authorlink AUDIO interview with the New York Times
bestselling author, Chuck Hogan, co-author with Guillermo Del Toro
of The Night Eternal
November 2011 Authorlink Edition

The Night Eternal
The Night Eternal,
William Morrow
November 2011

Chuck Hogan, New York Times bestselling author
Chuck Hogan
New York Times
bestselling author

Guillermo Del Toro
Guillermo Del Toro
Academy Award-winning
filmmaker, and
New York Times
bestselling author













Chuck Hogan

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It has been two years since the vampiric virus was unleashed in the instant bestseller, THE STRAIN. The entire world now lies on the brink of annihilation. THE NIGHT ETERNAL is the electrifying final book in the trilogy by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro and New York Times bestselling author Chuck Hogan.

There has been a mass extermination of humans, the best and the brightest, the wealthy and the influential, orchestrated by the Master–an ancient vampire possessed with unparalleled powers. Those humans who remain are locked in a desperate battle to win new world order against the Master.

Co-authors Hogan and Del Toro, who met at a film festival, work together to meld science technology and mythology into a whole new kind of vampire story–one of pure terror.

In this AUDIO interview, Chuck Hogan shares his thoughts on development of the book, the writing techniques he and Del Toro use, and his experiences in working with Del Toro, the three-time Academy Award winner.

–Doris Booth