Creativity, the Perfect Crime by Philippe Petit

Audio interview Audio Interview With the Author

Audio Length: 20 minutes

by Philippe Petit
Riverhead Books; May 15, 2014

Creativity, the Perfect Crime
Philippe Petit
ISBN: 978-1594631689

Petit-Philippe © Matthew Banister & Keith Bomely DBOX

Philippe Petit

Philippe Petit is perhaps best known for his daring and illegal high-wire walk in 1974 between the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers. Now comes the book, CREATIVITY, THE PERFECT CRIME, from one of the most creative minds of our time. Philippe Petit, high-wire walker, lecturer, magician, juggler and writer, talks to Authorlink about his own creative process.  Every truly creative act, Petit argues, requires transgression of some kind.

Here, and in the new book, he addresses how he makes order from chaos, the importance of focusing on “negative space” (becaue emptiness is full of marvels),  how personal secrets contribute to one’s creation, and the concept of balance in one’s life.

Is he “mad” as some have suggested, or simply mad in a creative and beautiful way.

When we first began reading CREATIVITY to prepare for an audio interview with Petit, the work seemed a bit self-serving and odd. But as we read through its pages we found gems of creative wisdom, and fresh ways of looking at the creastive life. Those who stick with the book to the end may find new enrichment for their own creative endeavors.

This outlaw sensibility defines CREATIVITY: THE PERFECT CRIME (On sale May 15, 2014), a fresh, irreverent and unconventional guide to the entire artistic process, from  generating ideas to practicing, problem-solving and ultimately pulling off the “coup” itself. His insights will resonate with performers, artists, and creative thinkers of every stripe.

Philippe Petit has been artist-in-residence of hte Cathedral of St. John the Divine for more than 30 years and has performed on the high wire more than 80 times around the world. He also lectures, practices magic, and street juggles–for which he has been arrested over 500 times. He is the author of several books,including, To Reach the Clouds, the inspiration for the Academy Award-winning 2008 documentary, Man on Wire, and most recently, Why Knot? He has been a featured speaker at TED and other national venues, and he also walks on the wire and does street performance wherever and whenever he likes. He lives in upstate New York.

Like all extraordinary artists, Philippe Petit’s practice is founded in rigor, scrutiny, and dedication. What sets Philippe in a class all his own is his restless quest to conquer the greatest physical heights, achieving a precise balance of chaos and creativity. He is an inspiration to all who dare to dream of the seemingly impossible.” Mikhail Baryshnikov

“In Philippe’s case, there is a deeper truth in what he’s doing, an ecstasy of truth…that we can somehow function beyond our limitations.” – Werner Herzog

The book, CREATIVITY, THE PERFECT CRIME, goes on sale in May 2014 by Riverhead Books, an imprint of Penguin Group.