Update on Actor Bruce Dern

Oscar-nominated actor Bruce Dern isn’t slowing down. This year, he has worked on at least ten upcoming movies and games, according to IMDB.  Back in 2007, we interviewed Bruce in New York at Book Expo. His insights remain compelling today.  Here’s the clip. Below are his latest credits among 175, followed by the Authorlink clip. 

Asphalt Jungle (pre-production
Sheriff Alton Thorpe
 2019 Shadow Stalkers (Video Game) (pre-production
The Director
 Emperor (post-production
Levi Coffin
 The Artist’s Wife (post-production
Richard Smythson
 2019 Inherit the Viper (post-production
Clay Carter
 2019/ IBadland (post-production
Reginald Cooke
 2019 Swing Low (post-production
 2019/IRemember Me (post-production

An Authorlink Exclusive VIDEO Interview With Oscar-Nominated Actor Bruce Dern
Author with Christopher Fryer and Robert Crane of Things I’ve Said, But Probably Shouldn’t Have

June 2007

Bruce Dern, Things I've Said

Things I’ve Said, But

Probably Shouldn’t Have

by Bruce Dern
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Streaming Video Length: 11 minutes

Bruce Dern talks with Authorlink on the 2007 BookExpo conference floor

Bruce Dern is one of Hollywood’s most indelible actors. Many moviegoers will know him as the guy who shot John Wayne in The Cowboys. His career has spanned B and Z movies to Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for some of the most memorable performances in modern cinema. He turned down career-making roles in the Godfather and Gandhi, valuing artistic challenge above roles that might have made him rich and famous.

Today, he continues to impress audiences with prominent roles in the HBO series “Big Love“ and the recent Bruce Willis movie, “Astronaut Farmer.“ Bruce has also written his memoir with Christopher Fryer and Robert Crane, titled THINGS I’VE SAID, BUT PROBABLY SHOULDN’T HAVE: AN UNREPENTANT MEMOIR.

In an exclusive Authorlink interview at the recent BookExpo America in New York, this enormously talented and shockingly wise man talks about his crazy, funny life as one of Hollywood’s hardest working and most outrageous personalities.

His book is a “must read” for all those who love movies–and life!

—Doris Booth

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