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An Authorlink Exclusive Audio Interview With Gary W. Moore
Author of PLAYING WITH THE ENEMY (Savas Beatie LLC, September 2006)

August 2006

In the 1940's Gene Moore was a farm boy living with his family in a town too small to appear on the map. At the unbelievable age of 15, he was drafted by the Brooklyn Dodgers and headed for baseball fame.

But Pearl Harbor interrupted his dreams. He served instead on a top secret military mission, guarding German sailors captured from U-505. PLAYING WITH THE ENEMY is the touching story about Gene's baseball career, written by his son, Gary W. Moore. This is Gary's first book.

Baseball legend Jim Morris writes in the foreword, "Gary Moore's touching book about his father's baseball career, serves as a reminder that life is all about second chances and people inspiring each other to chase their dreams . . ."

Gary, published by a tiny house named Savas Beatie, LLC—well respected for its military titles—has a larger destiny. He is about to fulfill some of his own dreams about telling his father's story to the world. Gary has just signed a contract with an Academy Award-winning Hollywood producer whose film titles we all recognize. Moore expects the formal announcement before the end of August 2006. Watch Authorlink for details.

Here, Gary talks about his publishing journey—one that may well inspire other struggling writers.

The book, PLAYING WITH THE ENEMY, will be available in bookstores after September 15, 2006.

—Doris Booth