An Authorlink Capsule Review with Arthur Klebonoff
Author of The Agent: Personalities, Politics and Publishing

by Doris Booth

(TEXARE, January, 2002)

The Agent


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. . . he worked over a ten year period on more than thirty seven-figure book deals.

About the Author ARTHUR KLEBANOFF is the owner and president of the fifty-year-old Scott Meredith Literary Agency. As co-founder of Morton L. Janklow Associates, Inc. and partner in the law firm Janklow, Traum & Klebanoff, he worked over a ten year period on more than thirty seven-figure book deals, most involving commercial fiction. Klebanoff previously led the publishing division of International Management Group. He is also the CEO of RosettaBooks, the leading independent electronic publisher focused on quality backlist books. The author resides in New York City.

Arthur Klebanoff peels the inner workings of the book and movie business to the bone in his first-ever book, THE AGENT, Personalities, Politics and Publishing ( TEXARE, ISBN 1587991047).

Once beyond the first chapter—a bit disjointed from the rest of the book—Arthur opens his fascinating world of seven figure book deals and the commodity-like trading of both famous and infamous authors.

The book is a strange mix of memoir and business strategy, yet the intimate details of each story compel the reader to turn every page to the end. Here's a man who has not only been there and done that. He's willing to tell the whole truth about what happens inside the business—behind oak doors, over whispered lunches, and in hallowed halls of the church. The intimate details of book deals involve everyone from famous stargazers and sizzling romance writers whose names we all know; to the power brokers in the White House, and yes, even the Vatican.


". . . captivating up-close account of how the book agenting business really works.


Any serious student of the book and entertainment business should toss the how-to books and pick up or download this captivating up-close account of how the book agenting business really works. Even veteran professionals—editors, publishers, big-name writers, and seasoned agents can learn a few new tricks from this master negotiator.

But Klebanoff's biggest secret of all is that, no matter how many millions of dollars lie on the table, success in the book business often turns on pure luck and providential good timing.

—The Authorlink Editors



Arthur Klebanoff


Arthur Klebanoff". . . insider's peek at publishing."

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What People Are Saying About THE AGENT


—Jason Epstein, former Editorial Director, Random House and Co-founder, New York Review of Books


"I have known Arthur Klebanoff for thirty years. His book illustrates how politics at its best makes a difference. Publishing on political subjects has a proud tradition and Arthur has been one of its leading advocates."

—Chuck Schurner, U.S. Senator, New York


"Arthur Klebanoff's provocative new book, The Agent, is an insider's peek at publishing. No one who wants to understand the business of the publishing industry will be disappointed. Direct and candid, Arthur shares important insights and the reader meets colorful and contradictory characters."

—Walter Anderson, Chairman & Publisher, Parade