The Collector of Lost Things by Jeremy Page The Collector of Lost Things
Jeremy Page

December 7, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-60598-485-8
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". . .the dramatic story of a long-ago voyage . . ."

 Author, Jeremy Page brilliantly creates the dramatic story of a long-ago voyage aboard the Amethyst, a ship captained by Sykes, and his First Mate, French. The three passengers, Eliot, Clara and Edward join the journey to Antarctica naive of what is to come.

Eliot Saxby was sent by his employer to explore the habitat of the great Auk, a rare bird only found in the Arctic and thought to be extinct. Not thinking anything odd of the captain’s interest in his stories of the great Auk, Eliot learned otherwise from the events that took place while in search of the rare bird.

Edward Bletchley embarked to take part in a hunting expedition. His confidence in the sport waned after his first trip out on the ice left him paralyzed under Captain Sykes’ command. An unexpected incident affected the rest of his journey.

Clara, Edward’s frail cousin, conceals a troubled past that Eliot believes he was part of. When Eliot includes Clara in his quest to save the great Auk’s existence, she and Eliot develop a relationship that is resented by some.

Page’s depiction of the mysterious Arctic is heightened by the hint of mistrust he carves into each character, which leaves the reader to discern the intentions of each person on board. The Collector of Lost Things is a worthwhile read especially in a cozy, warm place far from Antarctica.

Reviewer: Tammy L. Sanchez, MPW; Freelance Writer