Things Half in Shadow by Alan Finn

Things Half in Shadow
Alan Finn

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“. . . keeps readers guessing right to the end.”

Philadelphia, 1869: Crime reporter Edward Clark treads the city streets in search of murders. He’s used to sniffing out secrets, but he has one of his own – one that could bring his successful life down in shame and scandal if exposed. He’s the son of a brilliant stage magician jailed for murdering his wife.

Edward’s editor sets his star reporter to expose the fake psychic mediums that infest Philadelphia after the Civil War. Edward has no time for mediums – fake or otherwise. Using an alias he attends a séance given by beautiful widow, Lucy Collins. She proves to be a fraud, but to Edward’s dismay she discovers his secret.

Lucy issues a challenge – Edward must help her expose rival mediums as frauds and charlatans, or she’ll expose his secret. He’ll get copy for his newspaper, and she’ll get rid of her rivals. Edward has little choice but to agree. Their first target is the famous Philadelphia medium Lenora Grimes Pastor. Expecting trickery, they attend her next séance, but the experience defies all explanation. Mrs. Pastor’s sudden death in the middle of it shocks them to the core.

Under suspicion for her murder, Edward and Lucy strive to clear their names as they learn more about each other. Their growing relationship helps them keep going against the odds as an unseen enemy closes in on them. In the end Edward discovers the true nature of his heritage and must decide what kind of life he will lead.

Things Half in Shadow rattles along faster than the carriages that throng the streets of Philadelphia. Alan Finn’s novel brings the world of Edward and Lucy to life and keeps readers guessing right to the end.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews