The Wives

Tarryn Fisher

Graydon House

Thursday lives up to her given name. On Thursday she provides a loving home and hot sex to Seth Ellington, her perfectly charming partner in a polygamous relationship with two other, anonymous, women. She loves playing Suzy Homemaker, and can’t wait until the next Thursday rolls around—until one day while doing his laundry Thursday discovers a slip of paper in Seth’s pocket detailing an appointment for someone called Hannah, who appears to be her co-partner. Overcome by curiosity Thursday sets up a casual friendship with Hannah so she can learn more about the younger woman. When Hannah shows up to their coffee date bearing visible bruises, alarm bells begin ringing in Thursday’s mind. Is Seth an abusive partner?

. . . leaves the reader guessing until the last page.

What follows is a plunge deep down the rabbit hole as Thursday struggles to find out exactly what Seth’s relationship is with the other “wives.” She walked into the unconventional arrangement with eyes wide open, but now Thursday questions her decision. Seth becomes suspicious. Is he gaslighting Thursday to throw her off the trail? Thursday finds an ally in the third wife, Regina, but as she uncovers more of Seth’s history she begins to wonder who she can trust and what, exactly, is the truth. Events climax in a tense confrontation. Whatever happens, Thursday’s life will never be the same.

The Wives is another spellbinding psychological thriller from the pen of Tarryn Fisher that leaves the reader guessing until the last page. The story is a roller coaster ride where nobody and nothing is who—or—what they seem.