Library of Light and Shadow by M J Rose

The Library of Light and Shadow
M J Rose

Atria Books

French artist Delphine Duplessi fled to New York city to escape a doomed love affair. Gifted with a magical talent, Delphine can draw shadow portraits that reveal peoples’ innermost secrets in shocking detail.

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” . . .gripping narrative full of mystery, magic, color and scents . . . .”

Usually these secrets are amusing or merely embarrassing. At a party one winter’s night she draws a portrait which results in death and scandal.

Delphine is brought back to the family home in the South of France by her twin brother and business manager Sebastian. Adrift and spiritless after her experience in New York, she tries to recapture her talent, but in spite of Sebastian’s pleas, refuses to return to the work she does best. Only when Sebastian tricks her into visiting the home of a famous opera singer does Delphine feel the renewed stirrings of interest.

Diva Emma Calvé is obsessed with finding an ancient book hidden within her château. The author was a fourteenth-century alchemist rumored to have found the secret of eternal life. Emma is sure Delphine’s talent will enable her to locate the book, and she offers generous payment in return. Faced with the need to save Sebastian from his debtors, Delphine reluctantly agrees – but the château seems to have a power of its own, one which confuses and even endangers her. When Delphine’s former lover Mathieu Roubine arrives as Emma’s guest, Delphine realizes the terrible fate she saw in store for him is drawing close to reality. Can she do the impossible by finding the book and saving Mathieu?

In The Library of Light and Shadow, M J Rose creates a gripping narrative full of mystery, magic, color and scents like the South of France locales in which the story takes place.

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Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews