The Invisible Guardian by Dolores Redondo

The Invisible Guardian
Dolores Redondo

Atria Books

Police Inspector Amaia Salazar had good reasons for leaving her home town of Elizondo, a small community in Spain’s beautiful Basque country.

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“. . . great read for all fans of contemporary detective fiction..”

Now she’s forced to return when the body of a young teenage girl is found on a river bank in the neighboring countryside. The crime bears worrying similarities to a murder committed some months earlier. Is there a serial killer on the loose? 

Amaia’s fears are confirmed when another girl’s body is found bearing the hallmarks the police have come to associate with the murderer. With local superstition calling the killer a basajuan, a mythical beast of the forest, Amaia realizes she must delve into the area’s history and its rich mythology to uncover his identity. As she works against time to solve the case, disturbing connections to her own past and family history emerge. The connections awaken emotions and memories Amaia thought were long buried and forgotten. It’s not long before they begin to interfere with her carefully-sculpted professional guise to the point where she’s unsure where her past and present collide. Amaia will need all the love and support from her husband and family before the shocking truth behind the killings is revealed. But not all members of her family are friendly… 

With The Invisible Guardian, Dolores Redondo joins a growing list of excellent Spanish murder-mystery writers to grace the international stage. Her wealth of research and familiarity with the country of which she writes resonates throughout the book. Amaia Salazar is a fully-rounded person with her own capabilities, foibles and failures. A great read for all fans of contemporary detective fiction.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews