Spy School Goes North

Stuart Gibbs

Simon & Schuster


Trainee CIA spy Ben Ripley and his friends transferred to Alaska following the exposure of their secret spy school in Washington DC. Their new base is definitely no-frills, the training grueling, and the Alaskan terrain and wildlife is spectacular. Ben and company expected to fight the cold and ward off bears, mosquitoes, and caribou. They didn’t expect a Russian submarine to pop up and kidnap their chief, crusty old veteran agent Cyrus Hale.

… a rollicking addition to the popular series. 

frantic hunt for Cyrus leads to his old adversary Ivan Shumovsky of the Russian FSB. Ivan has a serious beef with the United States. Back in 1867 Shumovsky’s and Cyrus’ ancestors were involved in the sale of Alaska to the US for 7.2 million dollars in gold. Ivan claims the payment was never made, that the US dishonored the deal and his ancestor, and basically stole Alaska with its incredible wealth of resources from Russia. Cyrus denies this, but Ivan insists Cyrus find proof that it happened—or he’ll launch Operation Doomsday. Faced with this threat the spy school kids pull out all the stops. Danger, vast expanses of ice, unexpected love, and so many bears of all descriptions lie in our heroes’ path. Can they thwart Ivan’s plan before he sparks off an ecological disaster that could transform the entire Earth?


The eleventh adventure of the Spy School is a rollicking addition to the popular series. Ben and his friends are hugely identifiable characters complete with middle-school drama and kick-ass skills.