The Author's Toolkit
Step-by-Step Guide to Writing & Publishing Your B
Mary Embree

Allworth Press
March 2003
Trade Paperback/192 pages
ISBN: 1581152604
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". . . a useful and concise guide."

"For anyone wanting to write . . ."

". . . included is a valuable resources section."

There’s an abundance of books on the market devoted to helping aspiring writers perfect and market their craft—Mary Embree’s The Author’s Toolkit joins the ranks as a useful and concise guide. Compacted into less than 200 pages is a complete guide for writing and publishing a book, including such basics as researching, plot building, editing, finding literary agents, and self-publishing. Also included is a valuable resources section, which besides written material, lists several informative associations and their websites.



The Author’s Toolkit is by no means the only book would-be authors will need (and it is not intended to be so), but it does provide them with the fundamentals and options for further reading into those areas in which they may require more detailed information. For anyone wanting to write, but overwhelmed by all that is involved, Embree takes each step and gives sound advice, in straightforward language. Her book will serve as a practical mentor, offering guidance and support for what is oftentimes a lonely and daunting endeavor.
Reviewer: Lesley Williams