A Single Breath by Lucy Clarke

A Single Breath
Lucy Clarke

Simon & Schuster

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“. . .a good helping of mystery mixed in with their romance.”

Eva Bowe has been married only a few months before her husband Jackson is reported lost, presumed drowned. He disappears while fishing from the shore near their holiday cottage in Dorset, England. A marine biologist and expert fisherman hailing from Australia, Jackson was the last person Eva would expect to die in such a fashion. It proves only the beginning of the mysteries attached to him.

Eva married Jackson after a whirlwind romance, and she ruefully acknowledges there is plenty she doesn’t know about his life before they met. When she travels to Jackson’s homeland of Tasmania, the mysteries deepen. Her father-in-law is surly and uncooperative, obviously grieving for his oldest son. He advises her not to contact Saul, Jackson’s estranged brother, who lives on the island of Wattleboon. Eva ignores his wishes, feeling compelled to find Saul. When she does, he’s shocked to discover Jackson had married at all.

In spite of her cool reception Eva finds the idyllic surroundings of the little island a comfort and refuge. Instead of returning to England and the well-meant but misguided attentions of her mother, she remains on Wattleboon, growing closer to Saul and discovering more about Jackson’s past. That past and further blows of fate leave her reeling. Eva needs all her resolve and her growing attachment to Saul to survive and discover exactly who Jackson Bowe really was.

This is a great book for those who enjoy a good helping of mystery mixed in with their romance.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews