Seduction by M.J. Rose Seduction
M. J. Rose

May 7, 2013
Paperback/372 pages
ISBN: 978-1451621501
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". . . themes of reincarnation, the afterlife and satanic possession. . ."

When the Shadow of the Sepulcher is revealed to Victor Hugo during a séance in 1855, temptation enters his life.

When Jac’s hallucinations land her in a psychiatric facility at age fourteen, Theo enters her life.

When Theo’s drawings enter Jac’s dreams, a story of suspense begins.     

In her book Seduction, M. J. Rose uses themes of reincarnation, the afterlife and satanic possession to stir the reader’s curiosity and anticipation for what will come next.

Jersey, Channel Islands of Great Britain is known as the home of the exiled writer Victor Hugo. In 1843 Hugo was faced with the traumatic death of his daughter. He hoped to connect with his beloved daughter through the séances conducted by a friend in his home. This innocent parlor game turned into an obsession for Hugo when his continued efforts to meet his daughter brought several encounters with other spirits including the Shadow of the Sepulcher. It is the Shadow of the Sepulcher who haunts Hugo with great temptation.   

Having no contact with each other since they were fourteen, Jac uncovers a letter from Theo inviting her to Jersey to explore the Druid ruins on his family’s estate. Jac welcomes the opportunity although soon finds the sights of the ancient ruins and the unique smells of a perfumer’s past are triggers to her hallucinations.

It is with Hugo’s uncovered journals, Jac’s visions, and Theo’s family secrets that opened mysteries of the past. Unveiling these mysteries led to the amends of the character’s futures.  

In Seduction, M. J. Rose beautifully masters the ability to stir the reader’s senses. The mysteriousness of the human experience is awakened with each turn of the page.

Reviewer: Tammy L. Sanchez, MPW Freelance Writer