Scream For Me
Karen Rose

Grand Central Publishing
Hardcover/436 pages
ISBN: 0446509205
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". . .a tightly plotted, fully realized and complex thriller that never falters. . ."

Scream For Me: Tautly plotted murder, mystery and romance in small town Georgia.

Thirteen years ago, Alex Tremaine’s aunt took her from Dutton, Georgia in the wake of her sister Alicia’s rape and murder, her mother’s suicide and her own suicide attempt. Her aunt adopted her and helped her build a new life. The past comes back in full force when Alex receives a call that her stepsister Bailey is missing and has left her daughter, Hope alone. Alex ignores the fear that threatens to overcome her and drops everything to return to Dutton to take care of Hope and find Bailey.

Special Agent Daniel Vartanian just buried his parents—and killed his brother Simon who killed their parents and many others. Barely a week after laying his family to rest, Daniel plunges back into his work to find another serial killer who has copied the murder of Alicia Tremaine in every detail, aware that the murders connect to Simon in some way.

When Alex appears in his office, Daniel is stunned, unaware that Alex and Alicia were identical twins. The missing Bailey will bring them together in dangerous circumstances that will force them both to deal with the past and each other.

From the first few paragraphs of Scream For Me Karen Rose sets the tone with chilling intensity that increases exponentially. From the first tentative moments between Daniel Vartanian and Alex Fallon, it is apparent the powerful chemistry between them will complicate the story and their lives. What could have been a hot romance disguised as a snipe hunt is a masterful intertwining of thrilling suspense, complicated mystery and ardent passion. Rose uses the very human desire for passion and life in the face of danger and death to best advantage then injects a bit of humor at just the right points to relieve some of the tension before plunging back into the heart of darkness.

Karen Rose kept me on the edge of my seat throughout, taking me on a wild and exhilarating roller coaster ride that made me think one more villain is to be found. Scream For Me is a tightly plotted, fully realized and complex thriller that never falters. It’s guaranteed to prove addictive.

Reviewer: J. M. Cornwell