The Big Dark Sky

Dean Koontz

Thomas & Mercer

Joanna Chase had an idyllic childhood growing up on Rustling Willows Ranch in Montana. Together with her friend Jimmy ‘Two Eyes’ Alvarez, an older boy with Treacher Collins syndrome, she charmed all the animals like a girl from a fairy tale. Even his doting parents thought Jimmy unable to respond to the world around him, but he opened up only to Joanna. Tragically their magical world came crashing down when Joanna’s mother drowned in a boating accident, followed two weeks later by the strange death of her father. Joanna was adopted by her aunt and went to live in Santa Fe. Her childhood and Jimmy soon became little more than vague memories.

one to read with all the lights on and doors securely locked.

Years later, thirty-four year old Joanna’s a successful novelist. Her past is closed to her until the unsettling message please come and help me spoken in her late mother’s voice sounds from her TV and phone. Unable to resist Joanna makes her way back to her childhood home, but she’s not the only one drawn to the place. A number of strangers are also heading that way, driven by curiosity, need, homicidal mania or sheer desperation. Joanna’s encounter with the adult Jimmy rocks her self-assurance to the point where she wonders if any of her childhood was what she thought it was. Yet as the strangers converge on the ranch beneath Montana’s Big Sky, it seems Jimmy holds the key to what’s at the heart of the mystery, an ancient mystery so deadly that unless the strangers act icould destroy all of humanity.

Koontz delivers another masterpiece in suspense infused with the creeping sense of horror he does so well. The Big Dark Sky is one to read with all the lights on and doors securely locked.

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