Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous

Suzanne Park

Sourcebooks Fire

Sunny Song’s need to increase her social media standing lands her in deep trouble when her brownie baking session turns into a PG-13 peep show. When her high school principal threatens expulsion for Sunny’s obsessive online presence, her parents take action. Sunny finds herself on an airplane to Iowa and the digital detox center at Sunshine Farms. All her plans for senior year summer are derailed. Even worse, an internet giant is looking to sponsor rising influencers. Sunny has a good shot at winning the contest, but not if she’s stuck in remotest Iowa for four weeks with no internet.

... sparkling novel for the modern age …

Things look up when Sunny meets Theo, the handsome younger son of the center’s owner. Although the facilities and the activities program are too rustic for comfort, Theo’s presence and some new friendships are a nice compensation. Sunny also manages to smuggle a burner phone into camp, and her friend Maya has her back, so she has a chance to win the contest. Trouble comes when a jealous girl has it in for Sunny. Their standoff leads to a sudden crisis. One wrong move could see Sunny dismissed from the center, expelled from school—and her growing relationship with Theo wreckedSunny needs to decide what kind of life she’s going to live and where her priorities lie if she’s to avoid complete disaster.

By turns funny, touching, and thought-provoking, Sunny Song Will Never Be Famous is the latest sparkling novel for the modern age from the talented pen of Suzanne Park.