Nine Elms by Robert Bryndza

Nine Elms by Robert Bryndza

September 13, 2019
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Autumn 1995: Kate Marshall was a rising young Detective Constable with the Metropolitan Police, one of a team tasked with catching a serial killer nicknamed the Nine Elms Cannibal. One rainy night Kate stumbled upon the Cannibal’s identity—none other than her superior and one-time lover, DCI Peter Conway. The discovery nearly cost Kate her life. Subsequent events cost Kate her job, her reputation, and sobriety. She also bore Conway’s child.

… a taut thriller …

Autumn 2010: Kate, a recovering alcoholic, lectures in criminology at a university in Devonshire. Conway, incarcerated at a high security psychiatric facility is seldom far from her mind. Their son Jake lives with Kate’s mother in London and seems to be a normal kid, but Kate worries for his future. When a copycat Nine Elms Cannibal begins his grisly career in Devonshire, Kate and her assistant Tristan Harper investigate the cold case disappearance of teenager Caitlyn Murray in Manchester in 1990. Conway was then a police officer in the city. Is there a connection between the vanished girl, Conway, and the modern killings? As Kate and Tristan turn private detectives, the new killer is closer than they suspect. When he unleashes the final part of his plan, Kate finds herself back in her worst nightmare—only this time Jake is caught up in it too…

Nine Elms is a taut thriller that sweeps up the reader into the world of Kate Marshall. Kate is a thoroughly realized character with troubles and virtues who’ll have you rooting for her through to the nail-biting end.

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