The Monet Murders by Terry
The Monet Murders
by Terry Mort
(Pegasus Crime)

Hollywood is a place for aliases. Nobody’s who they claim to be which suits Bruno Feldspar, PI to the stars, just fine. He has his own reasons for working under a pseudonym. Manny Stairs, big-shot movie producer, is a man with a problem. His romance with knockout beauty Catherine Moore has gone sour and he wants her back, whatever the cost. Feldspar is hired to find and persuade Miss Moore to return to Manny’s chubby embrace – discretely if he can. It seems an easy gig and to fill time Feldspar takes on another case, that of a rich wife with a missing Monet and a missing and very artistic young lover.

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“. . . noir on the lighter side . . ..”

 Then the wife and the gigolo show up dead on the mat in front of the painting – which may or may not be a fake. The husband has an alibi – or does he? As Feldspar investigates, it seems hubby may have his own secrets, which go way beyond inflicting retribution for marital infidelity. And what’s the connection between the missing Monet and Manny Stairs’ reluctant lover? To find the answers Feldspar has to negotiate the world of Hollywood with its faded writers, gorgeous starlets, and his Croatian lover, a wannabe actress who has her own demons to fight.

In The Monet Murders, Terry Mort brings to life the sleaze and glitter of Hollywood in its 1930’s heyday, and peoples it with sassy broads and a morally-ambivalent and wisecracking PI. For readers who like their noir on the lighter side, this is the book for you.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews