Just Doll by Janice Dougharty

April 4, 2004
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Just Doll
The Staten Bay Trilogy: Book 1
Janice Dougharty

Baskerville Publishers
April 4, 2004
Hardcover/266 pages
ISBN: 1-880909-72-3

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"Janice Dougharty, author of six contemporary novels and one short story collection, makes a successful transition into historical fiction."

"The first novel in the Staten Bay trilogy."

Janice Dougharty, author of six contemporary novels and one short story collection, makes a successful transition into historical fiction with Just Doll, the first novel in the Staten Bay trilogy.

The story follows the beautiful Doll Baxter, a plucky heroine fighting to save her family''s dying farm in the South Georgia flatlands. Daniel Staten, big shot plantation owner from a nearby town, saunters up on his stallion and offers a deal: marry him, move to Statenville, and he''ll bail her out of financial ruin.

In spite of her sister Sheba''s romantic feelings for Daniel, Doll accepts the terms to save her family and the land.

Though attracted to her husband, Doll struggles with marriage and finding her way in Statenville. She battles intimidating housekeeper Maureen, Daniel''s long stretches away from home, and the daily rigors of plantation life.

Dougharty creates a plausible story with gorgeous, if at times lengthy, literary language. As a leading man, Daniel isn''t as interesting as he could be, and when Maureen accuses Doll of being flighty and childish, readers can''t help but agree.

Yet, with this first installment to a three-part series, Dougharty''s fans may find Doll provides enough to keep them hooked for the journey.

Reviewer: M. K. Daniels


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