He Will Be My Ruin by K. A. T ucker

He Will Be My Ruin
by K. A. Tucker

Atria Books

Maggie Sparkes was in Africa working on a charitable project when she heard her best friend had committed suicide.

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“. . . an intriguing plot fans of modern detective fiction will love.”

Now she stands in Celine Gonzalez’s apartment in a fashionable area of Manhattan wondering what went wrong. Celine had a good job. She had recently been accepted into a top-rank art institute so she could follow her dream of dealing in high end antiques. What caused her to kill herself?

The more Maggie looks into her friend’s life, the more disturbing the details she uncovers. An erotic photo concealed in the apartment leads her to well-known hedge fund manager Jace Everett. Celine’s and Everett’s lives shouldn’t have crossed, yet they seem to have had a secret and steamy affair. And was Celine herself all she appeared to be? Had she changed so radically from the girl Maggie knew? Celine’s neighbor Ruby Cummings, an elderly but spirited crime writer, hints as much. Maggie decides Celine’s suicide is a covered-up murder. Fighting police indifference, Maggie must find the truth and clear her friend’s name. The truth is out there, but so is the killer – and Maggie learns to her cost how ruthless he is. 

In He Will Be My Ruin, K. A .Tucker has created an array of great characters in an intriguing plot fans of modern detective fiction will love. The story hums with growing tension that leads to a shocking finale. Maggie Sparkes is a sympathetic and determined young woman, and Ruby Cummings is a gem in her own right. 

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews