The Beginning and the End
Ted Dekker

Thomas Nelson
Hardcover/392 pages
ISBN: 1-595542884
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". . . a window on a possible future that echoes the path of current events."

Green: A once and future apocalyptic story full of surprises and mysteries that leaves the reader asking for more.

Thomas Hunter is the leader of the Circle, and once again Elyon’s followers, the albinos that have drowned, come together to celebrate the Great Romance. Samuel, Thomas’s son, is dissatisfied with loving the Horde who are determined to wipe out all of Elyon’s followers. He gathers like-minded youths to fight the Horde by joining with the half-breed Eramites in order to end the running and hiding.

Ba’al, priest of Teeleh, the dark evil at the center of a blood-soaked religion, plans to bring about Elyon’s destruction and return the world to Teeleh’s worship. Qurong, father of Chelise, Thomas Hunter’s lover and mother of their son Jake, is caught between Ba’al and the Circle. He cannot oppose Ba’al although Qurong has kept the Books of History from him. Qurong refuses to drown and rid himself of the scabbing disease that afflicts all who have not joined Elyon. Qurong has another enemy, Eram the leader of the half-breeds who hasn’t yet enough power or strength of numbers to fight the Horde openly.

Into this mix of opposing forces come Janae and Billy, both from the past where Thomas Hunter’s journey began when he first crossed the barrier and woke up two thousand years in the future. Billy’s ability to read minds came as a result of writing in a blank Book of History. He believes if he crosses into the future he will find answers. Janae wants to help Billy cross over because she has plans of her own, a dark purpose that even she doesn’t realize or understand. Together they bring the seeds of destruction that could change the balance of power in the future unless Thomas can get to the Books of History, travel back to his own time, and bring about the Green.

Green by Ted Dekker is the beginning and the ending of the series that began with Black. Dekker has encapsulated everything about the series in Green and does it well enough that no loose strands to this web of present and future worlds are left dangling.

The worlds created are intricate and fully realized, so much so that the parallels to current times are frightening in their scope and full of myriad possibilities. A subtle undercurrent of humor is deftly used to telling effect and does not detract from the serious themes. Dekker has provided a window on a possible future that echoes the path of current events. Green is a stunning work of fantastical fiction that stirs both the heart and mind.


Reviewer: J. M. Cornwell