Hunt Them Down

Simon Gervais 

Thomas & Mercer 2018


“Hunt Them Down,” by Simon Gervais, is a crime thriller riddled with immense and constant firepower, bodies strewn from Chicago to Miami, and crashing to a conclusion in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where one of the drug cartel’s most vicious leaders plots horrific revenge.

While undercover with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), former Army Ranger Pierce Hunt infiltrates Vincente Garcia’s crime syndicate and helps put Garcia in prison for life. But then the DEA wants Garcia to become an informer on a female rival. That’s Valentina Mieles, known as Black Tosca, the “most powerful woman in the drug world” whose influence reaches beyond Latin America, and who is moving in on Garcia’s operation, now under his son Tony’s command. 

Tosca, who has spies within the DEA, learns of plans to transfer Garcia from one location to another and has devised a plan to kill him. Hunt is riding with a DEA security force when Tosca’s men begin firing. A bloodbath ensues. Many of Tosca’s men, and law enforcement officers are dead, as is Garcia. 

More intrigue is yet to come. Tosca wants Garcia’s son and granddaughter dead so she’s ordered the kidnapping of Vincente’s granddaughter, Sophia. Unfortunately Lelia, Sophia’s friend, gets caught up in the heist, and to add tension, we learn Lelia is Hunt’s daughter. (How Hunt’s daughter become friends with the daughter of a notorious drug dealer becomes yet another side story.)

Gervais dishes out lavish suspense to keep a reader glued . . . .

But Hunt is on the chase! He uses any means, including torture, to locate his daughter, and he’s got some time to maneuver. Sadistic Tosca is planning to state a live-video her planned torture of Vincente’s granddaughter at her Mexico mansion.   

Gervais dishes out lavish suspense to keep a reader glued, even though you are certain Hunt will rescue his daughter. But it’s the chase, and those multiple weapons, sophisticated drones, armor, fast planes and boats that spin a reader’s head. Stay tuned. More sequels and stories loom in the Hunt series.