Friends on a Rotten Day:
The Astrology of Friendships
Hazel Dixon-Cooper

Weiser Books
Trade Paperback/224 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57863-412-5
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". . . the definitive guide for understanding your best female friend (BFF)."

Friends on a Rotten Day: The astrological guide to female friends.

Hazel Dixon-Cooper, Cosmopolitan magazine’s bedside astrologer and author of Born on a Rotten Day, puts her wit and knowledge to good use with Friends on a Rotten Day. By clearing up misconceptions about some astrological signs that have gotten a bad rap (or rep) ,to detailing the good and bad in each sign, Dixon-Cooper has put together the definitive guide for understanding your best female friend (BFF) and women in general.

Friends on a Rotten Day is divided into helpful sections with the usual overview of each sign. The “Groove Meter” explains what makes your BFF happy while “Speed Bumps” details the rocky road ahead. “Romance Rating” lets the cat out of the bag on how your BFF is likely to react in romantic situations and how the different signs in Venus affects your sun sign. My favorite section is “Bitch Factor”, which shines the light on those poisonous and toxic ladies who populate the dark side of every sign. There are sections on the moon’s influence in each sign and one that outlines the basic astrological traits of guys. Scatter a few fun and interesting facts throughout the mix, and the result is a comprehensive and witty guide that should be on everyone’s nightstand.

With keen insight and a smart sharp humor, Dixon-Cooper illuminates the yin and yang of girlfriends and friendships, good and bad, that is a fun and informative read. The tone is conversational and the particulars priceless. Friends on a Rotten Day is the perfect astrological map to understanding the fairer sex and keeping the word “friend” in friendship.

Reviewer: J. M. Cornwell