Tim Lebbon

May 01, 2003
Trade Paperback/354 pages
ISBN: 0-8439-5195-8
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"Lebbon taps into our universal fear of the unknown, the unseen . . ."

"The intensity of evil here portrayed can be overpowering . . ."

FACE is not a book to consume in one evening. The intensity of evil here portrayed can be overpowering; the reader may need to decompress every few chapters to keep his/her heart beating regularly.



The menace pursuing this unfortunate family is truly haunting as it unfolds page by page. Their lives are forever changed after picking up a hitchhiker in a snowstorm and they live to regret their Good Samaritan act. At least they survive; others around them are not so lucky. A human foe can be predictable to a degree; this enemy continues to surprise and shock as suspense builds. Its victims can find no firm ground, no safe place to stand against its threat as it tortures them mentally and physically. And Lebbon draws the reader into this nightmare to experience the horror with his characters.

Indeed, the reader can find no safe place. Lebbon taps into our universal fear of the unknown, the unseen, keeping this reader looking over her shoulder to catch that slight movement of shadow glimpsed from the corner of her eye.

FACE plumbs depths of hidden darkness inside us all. Perhaps the greatest evil lies within our own imagination.

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Reviewer: Doris Lakey