How to Save a Life

Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

Lake Union

TV producer Dom sits in a coffee shop he’d never normally visit, waiting for a source who doesn’t show, when through sheer luck the woman he loved-and-lost ten years ago appears. Mia is lovelier than ever and still seems to have a thing for him. When they arrange a date for the next day, Dom is nervous that he’ll blow it  like he did all those years ago. Thursday, June 11, rolls around. It’s a rough day for many reasons. Dom’s relieved, excited and full of trepidation when he meets Mia for their date that evening at the San Diego County Fair—then disaster strikes. A freak accident on a ride kills Mia and injures Dom. When he wakes up it’s Thursday, June 11. Dom is about to have the worst day of his life, over and over again…

. . .another utterly captivating novel from writing duo Fenton and Steinke.

The day plays out with the same triumphs and tragedies, and at the end Mia dies from one cause or another every single time, no matter how hard Dom tries to prevent it. He struggles to find meaning and a solution to their predicament. Somehow, in some way, he must save his beloved Mia and break the endless tragic cycle—but how? Could the answer lie within himself, in finding a better man than the one he used to be when Mia walked back into his life? And how often must Mia die before he gets it right?

How to Save a Life is another utterly captivating novel from writing duo Fenton and Steinke. Dom and Mia are great characters, and Dom’s heartfelt story of love, loss and redemption draws the reader onward all the way to the bittersweet ending.