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Publishers Market FAQ

1. What Is Publishers Market?

We're a showcase of authors seeking publishers and literary agents. Use the FREE service to quickly  spot potential talent. When you pick a category or author listing you can read a brief bio and get a sample of that person's work, then you can contact them directly.

2. What Types of Content Are Included/Excluded in Publishers Market?

Authorlink Publishers Market offers a broad range of categories to choose from, both fiction and non-fiction. The only material we do not accept are extreme violence for the sake of violence or pornography. In addition, we do not accept poetry. Search Publishers Market to find a category that interests you most, then drill down to titles, or search for a specific item.

3. What Fee Does Authorlink Earn on the Sale of Content Listed Here?

Authorlink members pay a small fee to advertise their content to editors and agents who browse. We do not earn commission on the sale made as a result of an author being found in this section.

4. How Do I Contact an Author If I am Interested in a Work?

Each author listing includes author contact information. You can contact that person directly. There are no middle men.

5. Limits of Liability is not a literary agency and does not sell manuscripts. Authors advertise their properties on our site. We make every effort to operate on the highest professional standards.  However, total liability is limited to the monthly or annual dollar amount of the membership contract. We do not accept liability for direct or indirect loss or damage of any nature, including, but not limited to, typographical errors or copyright infringements. By applying for the service, the author and/or agent has attested that he or she owns legal rights to the material and indemnifies Authorlink from all legal liability. See our Legal and Financial Terms.

Corresponding With Authorlink

When you correspond with Authorlink by e-mail or regular mail, be SURE to include all of your contact information. Click Contact on the top menu of any page to reach us.