The Word Guild has announced that submissions for The Word Awards are open! Submissions are accepted for work published during the year 2021 or unpublished manuscripts.
Some categories have been changed. In order to encourage and recognize diversity, there are two new specialty awards this year – an Indigenous Writer Award and a Writer of Colour award. All Published entries will be eligible for one of these awards if the author meets the criteria. Just answer the question in the submission form.
There will be a Best Fiction Book of the Year and a Best Non-Fiction Book of the Year rather than just one.
A piece may be entered in only two categories this year.
How to Submit Your Entry:
Submissions will be online. You will need a PDF copy of your book and a cover image in order to submit your entry. Once you have the PDF document ready, click our Submission Form and follow the steps. Award coordinators will receive your entry quickly and directly. Entrants are no longer required to send copies of work by mail.
Here’s the link to the information page. The Word Awards