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Judicial Indiscretion

Author Name: Michael Arkin Michael Arkin




The Santa Fé Trail sets the scene for drug running, money laundering, treachery, murder, and challenges to character, as Judicial Indiscretion plays out in the cactus-studded New Mexican Rio Grande Valley landscape.
Following the ritualized murder of a respected judge in Mimbres County, New Mexico, a local attorney, David Madrid, is indicted and arrested for the crime. Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter Linda Lawson of The San Diego Times, prevails upon her long time friend Matt Lucas to assist in the defense of David, her brother.

Recent Projects:

Out of Balance, a novel, 2012 (

Experience, Credits and/or Awards:

From The Depth of the Mines Came the Law (WordDancer Press, 200), 1000 print run, sold out. Out of Balance (PublishAmerica 2012) 1000 copies sold.

Excerpts from Reviews or References:

Out of Balance hits the deck running from the very first paragraph to the last….Arkin has a candid style of writing that reaches out and grabs the reader….[and] makes this one of the most compelling books that I have read in a very long time. Janet K. Brennan, Author and Publisher, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Out of Balance by Michael Arkin was absolutely outstanding. Arkin did a miraculous job writing this novel….As an astute lawyer fights for the rights of women and children in domestic violence and child abuse cases, …[and a] crooked judge continually rules the cases that come before him favoring the abuser, Mathew Lucas is at his wit’s end. [The] murders [ that] occur as a result of this particular judge’s faulty and unjust rulings… draws the attention of an award winning journalist. Linda Lawson works for the Times in San Diego California. She is on vacation when she receives a mysterious letter informing her of the increased domestic violence, child abuse, and deaths encouraging her to investigate. She teams up with Matt Lucas and they investigate into the violence of Maidu County. The closer they get to the truth, [the more] trouble puts themselves and others in danger. Arkin portrays great transitioning as he introduces his characters. He does a fantastic job keeping the suspense on the surface as the story opens, keeping you yearning for more. As you are indulged to keep guessing as to how the story will unfold, the ending will definitely be a surprise to you.

Out of Balance by Michael Arkin is masterfully written and I definitely would recommend this book. Arkin did a magnificent job keeping the enthusiasm from the beginning to the end.” BK Walker – BK Walker Books, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I received your book a couple of days ago … I can’t put it down except when I have to run necessary errands or do chores around the house. Andy is waiting for me to finish it so he can try to read it….“I think your book should be required reading in any college program that trains people to become social workers, attorneys or judges.” SUE McMEANS, Womens’ Press , San Luis Obispo, California.

“The novel was great.[I was] impressed the way the various subplots tied in together and the way the story unfolded gradually drawing the reader in” Sidney Childress, Attorney, Albuquerque New Mexico.
“[Out of Balance] is damned good. It has character.” Jimmy Johnson, Chandelry Gifts, Atlanta Georgia.

Out of Balance, Michael Arkin – available at Frontier Mart, Corrales; Hastings Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Santa Fe, New Mexico; Sustenance Books, Murphys, California;; Barnes and; and from the author at

Resumé Training/Experience:

Michael Arkin is a former Independent State Hearing Officer who was appointed to hear and determine contested cases between school districts and parents as part of the California Special Education Hearing Office in Sacramento, California.

He is a former United States Department of Justice trial attorney (honors program law graduate) in Washington, D.C. where he was responsible for the trial and appeal of complex tax cases throughout the United States.

Following his government service, he engaged in the private law practice for 44 years in California before relocating to New Mexico to write on a full time basis. His law practice in San Bernardino and San Diego focused on tax, securities and corporate law. However, in 1982 he relocated to San Andreas and Angels Camp, California where his practice was balanced among providing legal services as Chief Trial Counsel to Child Protective Services, as special counsel to the Superior Court for children in high conflict child custody cases, and as counsel for battered women referred by the Calaveras Women’s Crisis Center. He relocated to Nevada County in July 2002 and retired from active practice in December 2005. He is married to Laura Doreen Arkin of Saratoga and Amador County, California. They and two of their combined ten children live in Northern New Mexico.

Mr. Arkin received undergraduate degrees from George Washington University and the University of Oklahoma with a major in psychology, and minors in sociology, philosophy and English. He was a member of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity while at OU. He also received his law degree from the University of Oklahoma where he served as Managing Editor and Articles and Book Review Editor of the Oklahoma Law Review. While living in Oklahoma, he was an avid fisherman and hunter. He also bred and trained Beagle dogs for competition in Field Trials throughout the Southwest.

His writing credits include numerous published special education Decisions, lead articles published in trade journals, including Oklahoma Law Review and California Lawyer magazine, a guest editorial in The Los Angeles Daily Journal, co-authorship of a non-fiction work, From The Depth of the Mines Came the Law, (Arkin and Laskin, Word Dancer Press, 2000), and a work of fiction, Out of Balance, a socially relevant mystery (PA 2009).


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