From romantic love to deadly love, Warren Adler covers the whole spectrum of relationships in his repertoire of 50+ works of fiction, including his most famous tale of love gone wrong, “The War of the Roses.”

Aspiring writers can learn from his approaches to love.

 Random Hearts by Warren Adler


Devastating Love

Vivienne Thompson and Edward Davis are in the same boat, their spouses are cheating on them: with each other. Vivienne’s husband, Orson, lacks commitment even though she has always been the “quintessential wife—” lovely, trusting, and dependent—but Orson believes they lack passion, leading him into a passionate affair with Lily, the wife of Edward Davis. A fatal airplane crash leads to Lily and Orson’s death, leaving Vivienne and Edward in emotional ruins as they begin to cope with the affairs. In the process, they discover a lot about themselves and how the mysterious nature of love can render people too powerless to resist.

 The War of the Roses by Warren Adler

Deadly Love

Barbara and Jonathan Rose find love in the midsts of a passionate bidding war at an antique’s auction that foreshadows their marriage. What began as a match made in heaven quickly disintegrates into a turbulent divorce with unpredictable twists and turns. A love story gone wrong, “The War of the Roses” is an iconic American novel that reveals the insidiousness of materialism and how it can destroy love.

 Mother Nile by Warren Adler

Adventurous Love

Si is an American born, Irish-Egyptian man on a mission to find his long lost sister, who was conceived during his mother’s affair with King Farouk. While traveling to The City of the Dead, he meets a secretive and beautiful woman who captures his heart. Together, they travel the exotic streets of modern day Cairo on a dangerous adventure that comes to define the strength of their love.

 The Womanizer by Warren Adler

Complicated Love

Allen Harris loves his wife, but he seems to lack the commitment. As college sweethearts they’ve had a passionate sex life and deeply seeded intimacy, and even commitment for a while. But Harris can’t help himself—he never planned to have any affairs, but he feels an attraction to several women throughout his life, leading him to break his marriage vows as he becomes infatuated, even falling in love with these other women. Each relationship ends abruptly and clean, but why?

Warren Adler

Warren Adler, Bestselling Author

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