Simple Secrets for Negotiating a Better Publishing Contract

A FREE 45-minute Authorlink Webinar
With New York Entertainment Attorney
Lloyd J. Jassin

DALLAS/NEWYORK/2/22/2007— will offer a FREE 45-minute online webinar with New York Entertainment Attorney Lloyd J. Jassin at 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. CST, Wednesday, March 28, 2007. The title of the session is: Simple Secrets for Negotiating a Better Publishing Contract. The session is open to all aspiring writers, both published and unpublished.

Attorney Jassin will be interviewed by Authorlink Editor-in-Chief Doris Booth in the live virtual classroom and will answer questions that have been submitted to and chosen by Doris in advance of the session. Participants can listen in to prepared questions, and will have a chance at the end to briefly ask questions of their own.

The webinar will cover: What an author should and shouldn’t ask for in a publishing deal How publishers define territories What a “grant of rights” means and how to protect yourself, especially if the offer includes movie rights. Royalty rates and how they are figured Deep discounts and how they impact you Reserve for returns–how they hit the pocketbook And much more

To register, simply go to our Authorlink Virtual Classroom at, and click on the webinar headline: Simple Secrets for Negotiating a Better A Publishing Contract. Please note that long distance charges apply based on your long distance carrier.

To have your question considered for discussed in the live session, you must submit it for consideration in advance. Just e-mail Doris Booth at no later than March 19, 2007. Please state your question in 25 words or less.

About Lloyd Jassin

Lloyd J. Jassin is a publishing and entertainment attorney based in New York City, specializing in contract, copyright, libel and trademark law. His clients include bestselling authors, literary agents, publishing companies, television and theatrical producers, as well as entertainment and publishing executives. Besides individual and corporate clients, he also represents trade and industry groups such as the Publishers Marketing Association (PMA). Mr. Jassin achieved national prominence with his book, The Copyright Permission and Libel Handbook (John Wiley & Sons), coauthored with Steven C. Schechter. Mr. Jassin's pro bono activities include serving as Chair of the Center for Independent Publishing executive committee, and as a Vice President of the Media Coalition, a first amendment advocacy group. He is a member of the Copyright and Literary Property Committee of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, and a longstanding member of the Authors Guild.