June 1-15, 2004 Book Deals

June 1, 2004
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June 1-15, 2004 Edition BOOK DEALS Riverhead Books

Acquires Steven Johnson’s


05/24/04—World rights to Steven Johnson’s THE GHOST MAP, a thrilling historical account of the cholera outbreak in London of 1854 and a broad-minded inquiry into the battle between great cities and disease, have been acquired by Riverhead Books Senior Editor Sean McDonald in an exclusive submission from Lydia Wills at Writers and Artists Groups International. The book unfolds over the course of 10 days – from when the first patient came down with cholera to when scientist John Snow persuaded the city to shut down the local water supply, solving the mystery of how the disease is transmitted.

THE GHOST MAP will be published in hardcover by Riverhead in Spring 2006. Another book by Mr. Johnson, EVERYTHING BAD IS GOOD FOR YOU, will be published by Riverhead in 2005.

Johnson’s three previous books are the national bestseller Mind Wide Open: Your Brain and the Neuroscience of Everyday Life (2004); Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Cities, and Software (2001); and Interface Culture: How New Technology Transforms the Way we Create and Communicate (1997). He was the founder of FEED Magazine, and currently writes the “Emerging Technology” column for Discover and is a contributing editor to Wired.

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