New Haven, Conn./April 18, 2013–The curriculum for this year’s Yale Publishing Course (YPC) sessions, Leadership Strategies in Magazine & Digital Publishing / July 14 – 19 and Leadership Strategies in Book Publishing / July 21 – 26, concentrates intensively on building leadership skills and understanding recent disruptions in the industry. Unlike large conferences, YPC offers a personalized educational experience for no more than 70 participants per session. It attracts attendees from all over the world; the class of 2012 attracted attendees from over 30 countries.

“Disruption in the publishing industry is accelerating and the issues it raises are extremely challenging. Publishers need to embrace the opportunities that change brings and use it to their advantage. The carefully-selected speakers at the Yale Publishing Course analyze this disruption and offer best practices and new business models that will help managers be more effective leaders,” said Tina C. Weiner, Director of Yale Publishing Course.

Held at a state-of-the-art facility on the Yale campus, YPC is specifically designed for mid- to senior-level book, magazine, and digital publishing professionals. The goals of both sessions are to enable the participants to think about, prepare for, and deal with the most important challenges facing publishers today. Each session will delve into issues that are relevant to that particular type of publishing. The learning extends beyond the classroom in lively discussions held at breaks, meals, and receptions throughout the week.

The collegial atmosphere of the program strives to break down the barriers between speakers and participants. By offering one-on-one sessions and small group discussions in addition to interactive lectures, participants have informal access to the 30+ speakers at each session. The faculty includes publishing and media executives from companies of all sizes as well as distinguished faculty from the Yale School of Management.

Throughout the two weeklong sessions, speakers will offer insights not generally shared at conferences with large audiences. The curricula includes how to deal with creative destruction, plan for innovation, expand your brand internationally, understand the financial realities of the new publishing landscape, and manage your staff in a time of transition.

“Attending the Yale Publishing Course was a singular experience…it was quite life changing. Imagine being in a room with some of the greatest minds in the industry today – you get to pick their brain, listen to their vision and make them contacts? You cannot put a price on this kind of experience,” said Samantha Page, class of 2012 and Editor of The Oprah Magazine South Africa.

Applications are being accepted for this summer’s sessions. Admission is given on a rolling basis and spaces are already filling up. Participants are encouraged to apply now.

For more information on how to apply and a list of this year’s speakers, visit: