February 1-15, 2004 Edition

Tony Lyons Leaves

Lyons Press to Consider

Own Publishing House

NEW YORK, NY/1/16/04—Tony Lyons, publisher of Lyons Press, is leaving the company his father Neal Lyons founded three years after selling to Globe Pequot. The elder Lyons, who has served as a consultant to Globe since the sale, is retiring.

The younger Lyons said that after taking time off, he will explore the possibility of starting a new publishing house, though likely in a market segment other than military history and flyfishing, for which Lyons Press is well known.

The Globe Pequot Press is among top sources for travel books and guides in the US, publishing or distributing about 250 titles annually.

Tony reportedly was disenchanted with the bureaucracy that often accompanies big publishing operations, and said he preferred the ability to make decisions quickly and the hands-on aspect of publishing rather than dealing with strategies and budgets.

Jay Cassell, the current editor-in-chief, is expected to assume Tony’s role as publisher.