June 15-30, 2005 Edition

Taylor & Francis


Key Imprints

Taylor & Francis Group, a leading international academic publisher both in the U.S. and abroad, has finalized the consolidation of their imprints.

The humanities and social science division will publish under the key imprint, Routledge, with a single sub imprint, Psychology Press. The unit has phased out nine imprints, some of which will be incorporated into the Routledge line.

The company’s science, technical and medical division will operate under the key imprint, Taylor & Francis, and will have CRC Press as an intermediate imprint. Sub imprints will include Garland, Auerbach and Chapman & Hall/CRC.

Phased-out imprints in this division include Lewis, St. Lucie Press, Parthenon, Martin Duntiz and Marcel Dekker.

Taylor & Francis has offices in London, Brighton, Basingstoke and Abingdon in the UK, New York and Philadelphia in the USA and Singapore and Sydney in the Pacific Rim. The company publishes more than 800 journals and around 2,300 new books each year, with a books backlist in excess of 20,000 specialist titles.