The Sy Syms Journalistic Excellence program at Women’s eNews launched this summer with support from the Sy Syms Foundation. The new fellowship will provide support and development opportunities for editorial interns in the pursuit of journalistic excellence.

“For a democracy to flourish all voices must be heard.” said Marcy Syms, a founding Trustee and President of the Sy Syms Foundation. “Through its investigative reporting Women’s eNews gets at the essence of good journalism. The Sy Syms Foundation is proud of this collaboration to support today’s newest women journalists.”

The Sy Syms Foundation has been supporting progress in education, science and the arts since 1885.

Nicole Deniflee, a senior at Rutgers University and Douglass Residential College and Elizabeth Kuhr, a recent graduate of Oberlin College are the first interns in the Sy Syms Journalistic Excellence program

As part of it’s mission to create social change for women and girls through investigative reporting Women’s eNews helps foster, train, and support the career development of new journalists with a focus on social justice and women’s rights. Women’s eNews is also in its second year of a virtual internship program with ieiMedia in Istanbul, Turkey and has worked with interns from Jordan and Qatar.

Women’s eNews’ in-house internship program hosts two editorial interns every semester who learn journalism techniques through practical work and contextualizing women’s issues in their reporting. Among other duties, editorial interns monitor the news, write breaking news summaries, and help compile the weekly Cheers and Jeers column. This internship also supports more opportunities to create bylined articles that will be published at Women’s eNews and through international syndicate partners such as and Trust Women, the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s news portal.

Women’s eNews interns have gone on to work in news agencies around the world, such as the Associated Press, NBC, Al Jazeera and Voice of America.

Women’s eNews also trains interns in fundraising and marketing, with a heavy emphasis on the emerging nonprofit news model. The training includes use of social media and messaging for various fundraising platforms including email.

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