September 18 – September 25, 2008 Edition Bookstores Join
New NY Association NEW YORK, NY/9/18/2008–More than 70 new and used bookstores located in the New York City area have formed the Independent Booksellers of New York City (IBNYC). To be members, the stores must be brick-and-mortar operations and be located within one of the five boroughs.

The IBNYC will work together to promote the cultural, literary and economic benefits of shopping at the city's diverse collection of bookstores. Their goal is to keep indie bookstores thriving and raise awareness of the vital contributions that these local businesses make to New York City's tradition as a center of publishing and bookselling. A new website is under development at, and will feature links to member stores, and a newsletter.

Among the group's first endeavors was an appearance at the Brooklyn Book Festival this past weekend, where they handed out literature about upcoming bookstore events. "The IBNYC is a really wonderful opportunity to do well by doing good," Book Culture owner Chris Doeblin, told the news media last week. "As a group, we'll endeavor to create citywide programming and marketing tools to promote our stores, and celebrate the unique contributions we make to New York's social, cultural and economic wellbeing."

"This alliance, embracing sellers of books both old and new, will prove that the independent bookstore­a touchstone of New York City life­is here to stay," says Bonnie Slotnick, owner of Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks.

Members of IBNYC must primarily sell books, have a storefront that is open to the public, and be located within one of the five boroughs. A full list of stores who are members of the group here.