July 2 – July 9, 2009 Edition

Random House Joins Bookglutton Social Reader

NEW YORK, NY/AUTHORLINK NEWS/06/30/09–The Random House Publishing Group has joined forces with the social reading platform BookGlutton to offer a chapter giveaway promotion of Sarah Dunant’s forthcoming novel SACRED HEARTS, on sale July 14.

The Random House imprint has made the first four chapters of SACRED HEARTS available to users. Special features will include an essay by the author and notes sprinkled throughout the pages about her extensive research for the book. Sarah Dunant will also log on to the site and answer questions from readers.

“We’re intrigued by the concept of social reading and want to give online book clubs the unique experience of reading and discussing our books in real-time.” said Avideh Bashirrad, Director of Marketing for the Random House imprint.

“We’re excited to offer Sarah Dunant fans a way to connect through her work. Books have always been a social experience. People love to talk about what they’re reading and BookGlutton lets them point to what they like inside a book just as they would in person” said Travis Alber, President of BookGlutton.

This promotion will be extended through the fall and will include more titles from the Random House Publishing Group.

Launched in January 2008, BookGlutton is a web-based reading platform that enables people to connect and chat about books, inside the books. The Unbound Reader is built entirely on open web standards, is free to use, and allows both shared comments and real-time chatting on a chapter-by-chapter basis.