May 16 – May 22, 2011 Edition Print Books Grow While E-Book Sales Soar

Washington, DC/AUTHORLINK NEWS/May 19, 2011–Both print and digital formats of books enjoyed revenue gains in March 2011 vs last year according to the monthly net sales report of the Association of American Publishers, the industry’s national trade association, which is being released today.

In the Trade books division (general consumer fiction and non-fiction), Adult Paperbacks were the top-selling category at $115.9 Million, followed by Adult Hardcover at $96.6M, e-Books at $69.0M, Religious books at $63.5M and Adult Mass Market at $55.2M.

E-Books continued their popularity, growing 145.7% vs March 2010. At the same time, two Trade print categories showed gains for the month: Adult Hardcover increased 6.0% in net sales revenue vs last year and Adult Mass Market gained 1.2%.

According to publishers, these figures are consistent with seasonal buying patterns; in particular, a return to print editions after the post-holiday period of buying, or “loading,” of e-Books into e-reader devices.

The report includes data from 84 publishers in all categories of commercial, education, professional and scholarly books and journals. Among other highlights for March 2011, overall year to date revenue for all categories was $1,735.3 Billion, declining only 2.5% vs YTD 2010 (from $1,779.9B). Also, there was a 7.1% increase for University Press Paperbacks vs March 2010. A breakdown of all figures cited is below.*

Next week, a new annual survey capturing the size and scope of the total U.S. publishing industry will be unveiled. The first-ever report, produced from net sales and unit data provided by more than 1100 publishers, reflects the transformational changes in the dynamic industry and has been designed to support publishers’ strategic priorities.

The survey, which will be the most comprehensive study in existence of the U.S. publishing industry, will evaluate and analyze data in three ways through newly-designed methodology:

By content categories By formats, covering the spectrum of physical and digital books By distribution channel, encompassing brick and mortar and e-retailers as well as direct-to-consumer sales

The report is produced by AAP and The Book Industry Study Group (BISG).

A summary of the report and topline data will be introduced May 24 at BookExpo America, the industry’s main annual conference. (The full report will be issued in July.) Press information, including the summary and initial data, will be concurrently distributed to journalists in AAP’s database and posted at Media seeking further information should contact Andi Sporkin, The full report will be provided free of charge to AAP and BISG members and survey participants. Non-members and non-participants can receive it on a paid subscription basis; further information including subscription contacts will be provided in the May 24 announcement.

* Category March 2011 March 2010 Percent change Adult Hardcover $96.6M $91.2M +6.0% Adult Paperback $115.9M $125.6M -7.7% Adult Mass Market $55.2M $54.5M +1.2% E-Books $69.0M $28.1M 145.7% Religious Books $63.5M $49.8M +27.4% University Press Hardcover $4.4M $4.5M -1.9% University Press Paperback $2.6M $2.5M +7.1%