July 24 – July 31, 2008 Edition

ABA Offers Indys
Plan to “Publish”
Local Titles

LAVERGNE, TN/7/22/2008–The American Booksellers Association (ABA), together with Applewood Books, has launched a program through Ingram’s Lightning Source that enables independent booksellers to publish any public domain title or a title whose rights have reverted to the author, through Lightning’s print on demand services.

The program will focus on publishing titles of local interest as well as public domain works, according to an item on the Book Patrol blog site. Independent booksellers will pay $250 upfront for each title they wish to carry, after signing a letter of agreement with the ABA and Applewood. Appelwood will then design a cover from one of three templates, digitize the work, provide bibliographic data and assign an ISBN number, and enter the title into Lightning’s database as available for manufacturing. Applewood also will provide distribution if needed.

The program will enable booksellers to create their own packaging and branding. The Book Patrol gave this as an example: The Elliott Bay Book Company, in Seattle, might publish the Elliott Bay Edition of Pioneer Days on Puget Sound with the cover art and design created by a local artist.

Applewood’s markets include individuals, historic sites, book stores, specialty shops, catalogs, corporations, and educators.

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