August 15-31, 2004 Edition

Penguin Collaborates

With Digital Manga

On YA/Adult Comics

NEW YORK, NY/08/03/04—Penguin has signed a three-year agreement with California-based digital comics publisher, Digital Manga, Inc. to publish a series of young adult and adult comic books.

Penguin will release about 8 to 10 titles in 2005, and 10 to 15 titles each subsequent year thereafter.

Digital Manga is headed by Hikaru Sasahara as CEO. He is the son of a Japanese animator who has lived in America for 30 years. The company also acts as an online supplier of Japanese pop culture material

The deal was brokered by Eloise Flood, publisher of Razorbill, the newly launched teen imprint from Penguin Young Readers Group. Penguin will integrate graphic novels into various imprints, including the Berkley adult list.

Digital Manga, Inc. (DMI) specializes in building corporate and cultural bridges from Japan to the Western Hemisphere, specifically through the licensing, importation, and preparation of anime (Japanese animation), manga (Japanese comic books) and related merchandise.