July 18 – July 24, 2011 Edition Bertelsmann Unveils New Branding

Gütersloh, July 18, 2011 – Bertelsmann AG, which owns Random House in the US, has updated its branding: The international media and services company now has a new logo and a modified corporate design to reflect the successful evolution of its strategy and business. A powerful word mark replaces the previous logo, underlining the company’s strength and aspiration.

“We have actively streamlined our portfolio and significantly advanced the company’sstructure, business fields and creative potential. Bertelsmann is now highly profitable andstrategically well-positioned to play a leading role in shaping the future of media and servicesin the digital age. Our new branding is a self-confident expression of all this,” said HartmutOstrowski, Chairman and CEO of Bertelsmann AG. “We also want to emphasize even morewhat makes Bertelsmann unique from our perspective: its special combination of creativityand entrepreneurship. This combination sets us apart and drives us forward.”

This is expressed by the new slogan “creativity meets entrepreneurship,” which is not part ofthe logo, but will be used flexibly in image communications.

Bertelsmann will from now on present itself with a plain blue logo, a pure word mark indistinctive lettering. The Group’s corporate design will continue to use Bertelsmann’s twomain colors – blue and orange-red – in an updated form.

“In keeping with our company’s culture and strategy we have not made any radical breakswith our branding, but have evolved it in the spirit of continuity. Overall, the new logo is morerecognizable: the font is distinctive and contemporary – the strong name ‘Bertelsmann’ standson its own,” said Thorsten Strauß, who as head of Bertelsmann Corporate Communications isresponsible for the company’s new branding. “At the same time the logo and new colors areideal for use in the digital world – apps, for example.”

At many sites, including the Corporate Center in Gütersloh, and Bertelsmann’s premises inNew York, Beijing, New Delhi, Brussels and Berlin, the new branding is today being unveiledto staff around the world. The Bertelsmann website has also been revised as part of thebrand relaunch.

With the parent company’s updated branding, the two corporate divisions wholly owned byBertelsmann are also changing their logos: the world’s largest trade publishing groupRandom House and the media and communications services provider Arvato are revisingtheir own logos accordingly. The logos of the RTL Group and Gruner + Jahr divisions remainunchanged.

For further information and downloads related to Bertelsmann’s new branding, please checkout our digital press kit:

About Bertelsmann AG

Bertelsmann is an international media company whose core divisions encompass television (RTLGroup), book publishing (Random House), magazine publishing (Gruner + Jahr), and media services(Arvato) in more than 50 countries. In 2010, the company’s businesses, with their 100,000 employees,generated revenues of €15.8 billion. Bertelsmann stands for a distinctive combination of creativity andentrepreneurship that empowers the creation of first-rate media, communications, and service offeringsto inspire people around the world and to provide innovative solutions for customers.